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Your donation will go directly to providing empowerment, support and education which promotes a thriving community of Rodney Women.  


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Empowered Women

         Empower Women


Become an official member of Rodney Women's Centre.


The Women’s Centre Rodney is a grassroots organisation for the empowerment of women. To continue to operate independently and to fearlessly address issues that undermine the quality of life and futures of women and their families, we need your support!


Membership is open to all women, of any age, interest or background – we only ask that they add value by making a monthly contribution so we can grow the fund and make a real difference.



Our mahi (work) runs with the help of volunteers and we encourage you to get involved. Perhaps you might like to help with hosting an event or outreach to get more women involved. We are always happy to have members contribute skills or ideas whenever they can. If you can help us, give us a shout. Whatever your forte, we are sure to have a project you might like to contribute to, be it IT, design, business, marketing, legal, media skills (whatever!).

We are looking for warm and friendly women to be volunteer 'hosts' at the centre. Your role would be to welcome women, provide basic information, conversation and perhaps a cup of tea. Help us on our journey to inform, empower and support all women.

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