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Reiki with Nicola

Each week we are going to spotlight a local business in our wonderful community which is run by strong and empowered women.

To kick us off, we would like to introduce you to the incredible Nicola Bolton. Nicola has one of the most welcoming and positive energies, and has created a business harnessing her natural abilities with years of training in the practice of Reiki for subtle energy healing.

I was lucky enough to have a session with Nicola the other week, and can say hand on heart I got so much out of the experience. Check out her page @reikiwithnicolanz and dm her or us to hear more about how this might be something worth trying out yourself!

Special offer for Women's Centre clients - Nicola has a special offer for our Women's Centre clients of a free initial consultation and healing session. Drop in to see us for more details..

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