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Introducing Nadine - Our Guest Artist

Hi I'm Nadine, I'm an artist, writer & dress maker. I love swimming at the beach, bush walks, animals, Tai Chi, friends & family.

I live with extreme neuro fatigue, cognitive impairment, aphasia & severe pain. In 2015 I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage & Craniotomy. It was years before i could walk any distance & do basic tasks. I'm still re-learning to paint.

These are my first paintings since the Haemorrhage. I painted them in 2020 & 2021.

Lots of perseverance & determination & here I am very grateful to Jo at the Womens Centre for giving me this opportunity.

I've also previously been a client at the centre. I attended Heidi's Personal Development course. The course was most enjoyable & helped me form a strong foundation in myself focusing on growth & self confidence.

These days I have very few hours each week where I am active due to fatigue but with patience I plan to paint more. I'm keen to do nature themed paintings as animals & nature are my passion & some portraits of my beautiful daughter.

Thankyou for reading & I hope you enjoy the art

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